Merchants Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is B28! free for all merchants?

B28! is FREE for all merchants using Butleric's Takeaway & Delivery App.
Otherwise, merchants can be listed on B28! with their own online ordering platform for a cost as low as $28/month.

2. Why is it called B28! Marketplace?

B28! has a brand high recall with deals related to 28, such as $28 off and 28% off to keep customers
coming back for more.

3. How do I get onboard with B28! Marketplace?

Simply head over to [url with the form] and leave your details, and our customer engagement team will be in touch with you within 1 - 2 working days.

1. Who will be doing the deliveries?

Butleric is in collaboration with Lalamove to provide seamless delivery experience for both merchants and end customers.

2. Can I use my own delivery courier?

Of course! Merchants who already have their own delivery arrangements can still use our Takeaway & Delivery App
and also be listed on B28! Marketplace.